My teaching roles described above all centre on Arts & Crafts. Some of the courses I have delivered have included distance learning such as People University of Arts in Russia. I have also delivered lessons to young children focussing around beading, knitting, cold porcelain, origami and crocheting. Alongside, this I have run a collage course at Matrioshka attended by young children. I have experience teaching adults as I have delivered one to one lesson focussing on frivolite. I have regular contact from clients who require learning specific skills.

1. Additional education at People's University of Arts (ZNUI).

You will have a unique opportunity of distance learning of the course of Beading. A certificate is provided in the end of the course. There is a tuition fee. All questions about the fee and payment methods please address to the educational office of the University. After the training you will be able to make classes and teach beading in any direction. You can see the course program in the pdf file and get a more detailed information on the University web site.

2. Private lessons online.

I give private lessons online. You can email me any questions you have. No matter whether you are a beginner or a beadwork professional. If you want to extend your knowledge or experience difficulties in making a jewelry or a beadwork, I'll be happy to answer on your questions. We will develop a personal program which is most suitable to you. For a long course of study, a flexible system of discounts is available. Please send your applications and/or questions about education and training to my e-mail address: o.mulyarova@yandex.ru with the subject TRAINING ONLINE.

3. Lessons in the real world.

At the moment I live in the UK, and if you live near Cardiff, then you definitely have this opportunity. I am waiting for your letters.