I have been working with beads for more than 15 years and in 2005 published an electronic book "Secrets of beading" for beginners. I have developed my own Freeform Peyote technique using semiprecious stones which makes my beadworks absolutely unique. My interests in arts and crafts are not only limited to beadworks but are spread over many other technique and areas including artificial flowers and bonsai trees, cold porcelain, frivolite and tatting, knitting and crocheting, photography and graphics. Recently I have found a passion for watercolour painting and have looked to enhance my skills to develop myself professionally.

Mission/Future Plan

My plan over the next year includes teaching young children arts and crafts. I also intend to go to evening classes to develop my skills. The class is focussing on watercolour painting. I would also love the opportunity to house my own exhibition demonstrating my niche skills.

Awards & Grants

Exhibition "Modern interpretation of beads 2012", Kaliningrad (Russia). Mono-exhibition "Best brooch." 1st Place

Exhibition Hall "Pechatniki" "The World of Flowers", Moscow (Russia). Note of thanks

Jubilee exhibition of Neli Salkova "A Teacher and a Students", State Exhibition Hall "Rostokino", Moscow (Russia). Note of thanks

Tucson Jem and Jewelry Show (J.O.G.S.). International Exhibition “One of a Kind”,Arizona (USA). 3rd Place


2013, 15/06-10/07

The fourth International Fashion Colorworks 2013 Beading Contest is hosted by My Lovely Beads, (Internet)

2012-2013, 24/12-08/01

Exhibition "Picturesque Russia" to mark the 135th anniversary of the birth of B.N.Kustodieva, Moscow (Russia)

2012, 24/11-27/11

II International Festival "The Magic of beads and stones," and exhibition of "The World of Women", Belgorod (Russia)

2012, 05/11-25/11

Exhibition of paintings, drawings and decorative arts artists ZNUI "Russian historical", State Exhibition Hall and Museum "Legacy", Moscow (Russia)

2012, 05/07-11/07

IV International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts St.Petersburg's ArtWeek, St.Petersburg (Russia)

2012, 15/06-10/07

The third International Fashion Colorworks 2012 Beading Contest is held by My Lovely Beads, (Internet)

2012, 19/05-09/06

IV International exhibition "Modern interpretation of beads 2012", and mono exhibition-competition "Best brooch", Kaliningrad (Russia)

2012, 17/05-01/06

International exhibition of arts and crafts "Soul Colours 2012", Minsk (Belarus)

2012, May

The Beadworkers Guild 13th Annual Challenge. Theme: ‘It’s all in the game’. This competition is open to members of The Beadworkers Guild only. (UK)

2012, 27/04-20/05

Exhibition Hall "Pechatniki" "The World of Flowers", Moscow (Russia)

2012, 18/04-28/04

Jubilee exhibition of Neli Salkova "A Teacher and a Students", State Exhibition Hall "Rostokino", Moscow (Russia)

2012, 27/01-07/02

Tucson Jem and Jewelry Show (J.O.G.S.). International Exhibition “One of a Kind”, Arizona (USA)


Exhibition "Bead-design New Wave 2010" Moscow, (Russia)


Internet competition "BEADSKY BRACELETS-2008"


Internet competition "BEADSKY RINGS-2007"



Cardiff Metropolitan University

Summer Art Course specifically focussing on Watercolour Painting and I have completed Widening Access Art Course


Natalja Nesterova’s University. Specialising in Fashion Design

1998 – 1999

People’s University of Arts, Theatre Department

Distinguished Diploma in Writing & Verse

1995 – 1998

People’s University of Arts, Decorative Art Department

Distinguished Diploma in Arts & Crafts

1994 – 1995

Professional and Skill Training Centre

Distinguished Diploma in Fashion Design

1993 - 1994

Petersburg High School of Fashion & Craft

Diploma in Tailoring and also completed tatting and bead working courses



Art and crafts of Russia “Names in art of Russia”, Moscow 2012

IV International exhibition “Modern interpretation of beads 2012”

Tucson Jem and Jewelry Show (J.O.G.S.). International Exhibition “One of a Kind”, Arizona (USA). 2012


O. Mulyarova, “Secrets of beading”, Berlin, 2005 (in Russian).

Work Experience

2013 – To Date St Paul’s Church in Wales Primary Teaching Assistant

2007 – To Date Self Employed Teacher

2012 Timeless Elegance Bridal, Cardiff Seamstress

2011 Greek Cypriot Centre, Cardiff Teaching Assistant

2010 People University of Arts, Russia Teacher

2010 The Beads Nest, Cardiff Jewellery Maker

2010 Self Employed, Cardiff Teacher

2008 – 2010 Matrioshka, Cardiff Teacher

1994 – 1995 Self Employed, Russia Teacher

My teaching roles described above all centre on Arts & Crafts. Some of the courses I have delivered have included distance learning such as People University of Arts in Russia. I have also delivered lessons to young children focussing around beading, knitting, cold porcelain, origami and crocheting. Alongside, this I have run a collage course at Matrioshka attended by young children. I have experience teaching adults as I have delivered one to one lesson focussing on frivolite. I have regular contact from clients who require learning specific skills.