News 2013

Unique and dramatic, semiprecious stones are used and appreciated all around the world for its beauty and elegance. Artists choose them because of their interesting and creative patterns that are hidden in the depth of their forms, colors and shades. Some people think that stones don’t have a soul or a voice. I believe they do. However, it takes a bit of creativity, imagination and vision to see that and to create something special out of them.

I have been dealing with beadworks and stones for more than 15 years. It’s always been my passion and desire to find a suitable frame for the stones. When I lived in Japan I was inspired by the fascinating culture of that country, its ancient architecture and just the way of life. Then I realized that by combining different materials such as beads and stones may create something special. And I tried… I have put together semiprecious stones with Japan Toho and Miyuki beads. I have also added some silver elements and tried to find a unique combination of the subjects which at first glance seem almost impossible to combine.

That is how I started making jewelry in Freeform Peyote style. Each and every piece I make is inspired either by masterpieces of other artists or by nature itself. My work often starts with a sketch that I can do on a piece of paper. Then I prepare my different materials and observe them for some time just lying on the table and listening to them which concept, color scheme and shapes they want to make. After that it’s time for inspiration and trying on new techniques and getting an interesting and beautiful result.

Free Forms

Beady Floristics


Plastic Cold Porcelain

set "Sea bottom"

Set "Denim Boho - layered"

Set "Denim Boho"

Ring "Flamenco"

Bracelet "Eugene"

Set "for every day"

ring "black fan"

set "Mysterious Night"

set Free-form 2050

set Free-form 2048

Сollection "The Sea"

Ring "Violet fantasy"

Collection "New Way"

Collection "First Love"

Collection "Volcanic Life"

Brooch "Freeform - 69"